Meet Our Team

Robena Weatherley – President

Robena is a founding member of the Canaan-Washademoak Watershed Association and has been involved in watershed issues and environmental conservation in New Brunswick since the 1990’s as a member of the Washademoak Environmentalists before they were known as the CWWA. Robena studied at UBC and received a bachelors and Master’s Degree in Botany and Biology and studied Forest Pathology. She has worked as a technician in New Brunswick and a research officer in Calgary, Alberta for the Federal’s Forestry’s Department.

Reace Black – Vice President

Reace Black is a founding member of the Canaan-Washademoak Watershed Association and has been a member of the Board since its creation. He currently serves as Vice President of the Board. Born and raised in Cherryvale, Reace knows the watershed like the back of his hand. He is an avid fisherman and hunter, and his local ecological knowledge has expanded in the past 15 years to include scientific data collection methods. He has been an active member of our field team and has spend many hours collecting water samples throughout the watershed; counting, measuring, and identifying species of fish during our electrofishing sessions and participating in our stream bank habitat restoration projects. He is a respected and well known spokesperson for conservation and restoration in our watershed and beyond.

Robert Grant – Board Member

Robert is a new member of the CWWA, starting this past year in 2018 and is invested in the health of the watershed. He was motivated to join by his interest as a waterfront owner and wated to learn more about water restoration and protection. Robert is trained in economics and brings his knowledge of the New Brunswick economy to the table.

Jean-Ann Dickeson – Board Member

Jean-Ann has been a member of the CWWA since 2017. Her interest was peaked in the organization due to her deep care for the environment and protecting it. Jean-Ann brings her years of experience in management, community development, program development and volunteer hours to help CWWA grow.

Lesley Perry – Board Member

Lesley joined the board of directors in the spring of 2018. She was motivated to join due to her care for the community that resides along the Canaan-Washademoak which she is a part of.

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